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DRR project implementation with the funding support by World Vision

DRR project implementation with the funding support by

World Vision

The District Disaster Management Coordinating unit in Mannar implements a DRR project with the funding support by World Vision in the 3 most vulnerable GN divisions in Mannar and Nanattan DS divisions. According to that Thullukudijituppu, Talalimannar and Rasamadhu GN divisions have been selected for this project implementation

In Mannar three GN divisions are targeted for the intervention of the project;

  • Rasamadhu GN Division                    -           Nanattan DS Division
  • Talaimannar Pier GN Division             -           Mannar DS Division
  • Thullukudiyruppu GN division             -                       -do-


The DRR project “Building Resilience of Disaster Prone Communities in North of Srilanka” under HEA is launched by Disaster Management Center with the coordination of World Vision in the three districts (Mannar, Kilinochchi & Mullaitivu) of North Srilanka. The project targeted in seven GN divisions in the districts to build the resiliency of the disaster prone people to face the potential hazards specially Flood, Drought, Cyclone, Tsunami and epidemic etc...  The project has comprised School level Disaster Risk Reduction measures as well with targeted activities as providing knowledge on Disaster Risk Management to the teachers and students in the targeted schools. It will support to strengthen up the resiliency of students and communities. The project content few livelihood initiations of the target area people to give them opportunity to enhance their income level through livelihood / alternate livelihood during the off seasons as well to reduce their vulnerability.

As part of the project it has to be building the DDMCU’s capacity on their awareness creation, training, mentoring, and coaching facility for community to prepare them to build the resiliencies. Based on it few IT related training equipment (Laptop, Desktop, Projector screen, Portable sound system and digital camera) which could support them to conduct the training and awareness were given.

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