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National Productivity Awards 2014 : Special Commendation


Special pray for His Exelency The President at Pesalai Murugesan Kovil

There were special religious programs in Hindu temples , Cristian churches and Bhuddist temples to wish his Excellency the President Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa in mannar District on 18th November 2014. A major celebration was at Murugesan Hidu Temple in Pesalai Mannar. It was organized by the District Secretariat with the support of the Divisional Secretariat' staff of Mannar town. District Secretary with Additional District Secretary, Director Planning, Chief Accountant, Director Divineguma Assistant District Secretary, Assistant Director Planning, Statistician, Divisional Secretary and staff and villages were participating for this remarkable event.

Chief Kurukakal of the temple has done this special pray blessing HE long life, future success and security for the well being of the nation of the country. District Secretary addressing the gathering in Tamil has reminded the history and the historical winning of HE president. "Today we all are gathering together without any fear or difference because of the strong and committed leadership to the nation given by the excellency" Also he appreciated the organisers and the participants from the Pesalai and suburbs.

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